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A Broken Reflection

I used to look in the mirror and see a broken reflection. Do you know how it feels to look at yourself and never really SEE beyond every flaw? What it’s like to dread the mirror because that… Read More

The Lies We Tell

I grew up in a good home in a pretty rough town and attended a large high school. I did drink and smoke pot in high school, but had a separate group of friends that I did that… Read More

Blogging Sober, Without Meetings

The last two years of my drinking I worried about it a lot. I tried every technique under the sun to control my intake. I had extended dry periods, tried limiting the number of drinks per sitting, tried… Read More

All I Want For Christmas Is My Son

There is always a week or two a year that I consider myself useless.  Everything I have worked so hard at and know to be true about myself is gone.  I forget it.  I forget how hard I’ve… Read More

Blogging And Social Media; Do Exclusions Apply?

BlogHer conferences are a big deal for bloggers. I have been hearing about them since I first started blogging, and have learned that anyone who’s anyone wants to attend. Some of us missed BlogHer in 2013 for many… Read More