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Eight 12Step Slogans Useful to Any Recovery Path

Whether your recovery includes a 12step program, Smart Recovery, Harm Reduction, Moderation or another path, here are some helpful slogans to help anyone gain perspective when struggling! “Addiction doesn’t discriminate.” Society has stigmatize substance use disorder and painted… Read More

I Found Myself on a Yoga Mat

“One of the lessons Yoga gives us is acceptance. It teaches that you can improve, but you first have to find acceptance with where you are now.” It took me a really long time to admit to myself… Read More

Guess What? I’m Still Faking It – Waiting to Make It.

She’s to be admired and respected. Her inspiring story, confidence, and surety. She’s financially secure, emotionally stable, and seemingly ready for anything. She is well read and well rounded, non-judgemental, and spilling over with wisdom. Always ready with a… Read More

Rehab: A Love Story

I have one rule for my sobriety. I don’t pick up, no matter what. I figure if I follow that rule, I’ll be alright. Everything else is a suggestion. There are many recommendations I observe — I pick… Read More

I’m in Recovery and I Can’t Use Marijuana

In case you’ve been living under a rock or just not paying attention, marijuana is now legal in California. Meaning, it’s only a matter of time before I see Pineapple Express blunts sold right next to the Marlboros… Read More