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Tag: Recovery

Whatever You Do, DON’T Feel

I drank because I had feelings, at my feelings, at and because of your feelings, and around situations that caused them.

Does Pride Have A Place In Recovery?

Where’s the line between healthy pride in how far you’ve come and sinister pride that sneaks up and sabotages recovery?

Putting My Recovery at Risk to Live My Life

The guy sat in front of us, blowing back marijuana smoke that twisted in the air and headed directly for my nostrils.

Ask a Sober Mom: I Did Not Sober Up For This

Sober Mommies Ask A Sober Mom Posts

I’m eighty days sober. When will my kids stop irritating the shit out of me? They are six and four, and I have a hard time dealing with them. I didn’t sober up for this!

A Terrifying Halloween at the Bottom of a Whiskey Bottle

Welcome to my rock bottom. Halloween, 2013. A rock bottom that had lasted a year—a turning point in my life.