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I’m Two Years Sober, and I Don’t Feel Like Celebrating

Sober Mommies I'm Two Years Sober and I Don't Feel Like Celebrating

“Congratulations! Where are you celebrating?” Just a few days ago, I quietly acknowledged my two year sober anniversary with a “congrats” from my partner and a few Facebook posts from close friends who are also in recovery. Then… Read More

The Recovery Community is Not A Pick-Up Joint

On my local radio station, a man claimed to have “banged” three women fresh out of rehab, within days of attending his first meeting.

I Got Sober on My Own

I got sober alone. No 12-step program. No sober friends. Alcohol all around me. Alone.

I Didn’t Need To Change

Sober Mommies I Didn't Need To Change Featured

I looked around the rooms, compared myself to others (based 99% on appearance), and assured myself I wasn’t that bad. I didn’t need to change.

Ask a Sober Mom: How do I Support Myself in Early Recovery?

Sober Mommies Ask A Sober Mom Posts

There’s no one tool that worked for me, but I have a “recovery toolbox” that helps me feel supported as I build my new life.