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An Open Letter To Friends Who Don’t Understand Addiction

Dear Friends Who Don’t Understand Addiction,   Please stop referring to people who have, or are struggling with an addiction, as “they.” “They should just…” “Why can’t they just…” “They should know better…” “They did this to themselves…. Read More

I Wonder If People Think I Should Have Died

Today is my anniversary. I am one year free from opiate addiction – from drugs; drugs I took with and without a prescription. I am a drug addict. I didn’t choose to be a drug addict; my brain… Read More

Have You Ever…?

Have you ever had that moment when you just had an instant connection to someone? I have. I had that moment today. I spent a couple of hours with four other amazing women at a Sober Mommies group…. Read More

Recovery Challenge – Rachel

Read Rachel’s Story. Sober Mommies ContributorA Sober Mommies Contributor is most often a non-professional – in and out of recovery – with reality-based experience to share about motherhood & active addiction, the multiple pathways to recovery, or a… Read More

Please Don’t Speak For Us

A few months ago, I got the following in a┬átext message. “Oh my God, (insert popular radio morning show) is talking about all the easiest places to get laid, and some guy just called in and mentioned the… Read More