Tag: Addiction

If Others Can Forgive Me, Why Can’t I?

Recently a friend of mine told her husband about some of the things I did while I was drinking. He said he couldn’t picture it – any of it. While I was thankful to hear that, I also… Read More

I Hit Rock Bottom

I’m an alcoholic and drug addict in recovery. I have not had a mind-altering substance since May 22, 2000. This is the greatest fact of my life; more than the 22 years I have been married or the… Read More

A Letter To My Sister, The Addict

I believe in Sober Mommies, and the empowering message it sends to anyone who has struggled with addiction. Having said that, I hope I won’t be judged based on my perspective. I have been blessed. I am not… Read More

Sparing a Motherless Daughter

I did not go to my first 12-step meeting to stop drinking. I did not go because I wanted a better life. I didn’t even go for me. I’m an alcoholic. I was good at drinking. If you… Read More

This Could Be The Year

I spent my very first sober holidays away from my daughter. It broke my heart into a million pieces and made me feel like a terrible mother. I remember having a fit when my counselor at my program… Read More