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It Wasn’t Easy, But I Never Gave Up Hope

Motherhood is hard. I’m sure we can all agree on that. Being a young mother is even harder; especially with all the stigmas out there associated with it. But when addiction is thrown into the chaos of parenthood,… Read More

On Days Like This, I Feel Sad

As an addict, I must learn to deal with my emotions in healthier ways. The emotional struggle of the day is guilt. I should feel happy and complete sitting here, feeding my six-month-old breakfast; watching her play between… Read More

I Wonder If People Think I Should Have Died

Today is my anniversary. I am one year free from opiate addiction – from drugs; drugs I took with and without a prescription. I am a drug addict. I didn’t choose to be a drug addict; my brain… Read More

Subutex and Suboxone Saved My Life

When I was a child I had big dreams. I wanted to be a teacher. Then as a teen I decided culinary arts was my passion. Of course, like most of us, my dreams never come true. Instead,… Read More

I Don’t Look Like A Meth Addict

I am the mother of an amazing eight-year-old girl. I am a fabulous dressing, master’s degree holding, funny divorcee. I don’t look like a meth addict. I got sober three years before my daughter was born, and remained… Read More