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On Days Like This, I Feel Sad

As an addict, I must learn to deal with my emotions in healthier ways. The emotional struggle of the day is guilt. I should feel happy and complete sitting here, feeding my six-month-old breakfast; watching her play between… Read More

An Unselfish Act: What happens when a mother realizes regaining full custody isn’t the solution

“I fucking HATE being honest with myself when it comes to shit that really matters.“ That’s how it started; the most difficult email I’ve ever written. I remember having to squint through endless tears to even see well… Read More

Sometimes Being A Mom Is Tough No Matter What

I’m a mom. That lady with the five kids, two of whom are probably screaming, with the other three trying really hard to pretend they aren’t with me? That’s me. I’m most likely trying really hard not to… Read More

How I Explained Recovery To My Daughter

  I always dreaded the day that I would need to explain my alcoholism to my daughter.  I knew that it was going to be a necessary conversation; a conversation that would help to heal the wounds that my drinking behavior… Read More

I Owe It To My Children

My drinking began the night of my 21st birthday, and didn’t stop until I was 34. I did what I thought all adults did; I drank. I knew I was different though, because once I started I couldn’t… Read More