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I Feel More Alone Sober

I am new to abstinence. I am in early recovery. Before I began my much-needed quest for sobriety, I felt alone—isolated from my peers in their sober world. This world has no drinks; or is maybe where just… Read More

I Used To Be a Binge Drinker

Sober Mommies - I Used To Be A Binge Drinker

Whenever drinks were offered I accepted. I could never just slowly sip them no matter how hard I tried to pace myself. I drank, blacked out, passed out, and recovered.

I Do Not Need Alcohol to Survive Motherhood

There came a point 30 days ago where the memes and advertisements stopped being funny. I do not need alcohol to survive motherhood.

Finding Balance in Recovery Isn’t Easy

Balance was a foreign concept for Rose before she got sober. Practice doesn’t always make perfect in recovery.

My Daughter is Teaching Me To Dance Again

A few months ago, I signed my daughter up for dance class. We got there a little early and I wasn’t sure what to expect. My chest felt heavy and I had to keep reminding myself to breathe.