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It Wasn’t Easy, But I Never Gave Up Hope

Motherhood is hard. I’m sure we can all agree on that. Being a young mother is even harder; especially with all the stigmas out there associated with it. But when addiction is thrown into the chaos of parenthood,… Read More

Sobriety Changed Me

I’m a recovering alcoholic. While active in my addiction, I wasn’t a very good mom. Truth be told, I wasn’t a very good person. There was a time I never thought I could make it 24 hours sober,… Read More

Finding Balance in Recovery Isn’t Easy

Balance can be defined as “having the right amount – not too much or too little – of any quality, which leads to harmony.” This remained a foreign concept to me until I entered recovery. Black and white… Read More

I Feel More Alone Sober

I am new to abstinence. I am in “early recovery.” Before I began my much needed quest for sobriety, I felt alone — isolated from my peers in their sober world. This world has no drinks; or is… Read More

The 2015 Christmas Wish Project

The year I got sober, I spent the holidays in treatment. I missed the opportunity to spend time with family and friends because I was focusing on me. It felt like the most selfish thing in the world,… Read More