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Dear Struggling Mama

I want you to know that I get you; that you are not alone. I want to encourage you to give yourself the chance to get through whatever you’re going through however you need to, and know that… Read More

Who Needs A Break?

Once upon a time, we introduced you to our incredible friend Dianne and her story, “When It Rains It Pours.” She is easily one of the most incredible women I have ever met. She has owned a piece… Read More

Have You Ever…?

Have you ever had that moment when you just had an instant connection to someone? I have. I had that moment today. I spent a couple of hours with four other amazing women at a Sober Mommies group…. Read More

Food Is My Vice

I always suspected that I was the food equivalent of an alcoholic, though I’d never admit it. I could never stick to a diet. I ate out of habit, not out of hunger. I’d have trouble paying the… Read More

Drinking Was My Solution

When I first started attending a 12-step program, I remember people saying that in order to stay sober, I had to change the person I brought in. I was told the way to do that was taking the… Read More