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How can I ever forgive myself for leaving my son for meth?

Q: How can I ever forgive myself for leaving my son for months — for meth. Where do I start? Help! Signed, “Guilt Ridden Mom” A: Dear Guilt Ridden, Thank you for being so brave and reaching out…. Read More

The Difference Between Offering Someone 100% Emotional Support and Enabling

I was recently asked, by a member of our group, to explain my thoughts re: the differences between offering 100% emotional support and “enabling,” as it relates to our mission. Since it’s such an incredible and important question,… Read More

If Others Can Forgive Me, Why Can’t I?

Recently a friend of mine told her husband about some of the things I did while I was drinking. He said he couldn’t picture it – any of it. While I was thankful to hear that, I also… Read More

Addiction Is A Choice?

I’ve been reading a lot lately about how addiction is a choice. Some believe we choose to become addicts. The suggestion that we, as addicts, knowingly take our first drink or drug fully aware we will become addicted,… Read More

There Are Such Things As Monsters

I wrote this letter, not actually intending to give to my daughter (she’s only four), but as a living promise to myself and to her to be the best mother I can be.  You said you were afraid of monsters;… Read More