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Tag: Depression

Love is an Addiction, And I Relapsed

I discovered the concept of love addiction at a recovery conference. As I listened, I shuddered as I realized how many of the boxes I ticked.

My Problem Is Willingness

I’ve heard them referred to as “emotional binges.” I like that term much better than the one I normally use to describe the fresh hell I periodically allow my mind to put my heart and soul through.  I’m… Read More

I’m Tired Of Hating Who I Am… Sober

Photo Credit: Nena B. The other night, as I lay crying myself to sleep wrapped in the loneliness and pain that always seems to cling to me, I asked myself why. Why do I always end up in… Read More

Sometimes I’m A Mess

I’d love to make this post an inspirational one. I’d love to throw you some quotes, or tell a great story right now to hide the fact that I’m struggling and scared. I ask others to write their truths… Read More

What Will People Think?

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, I thought I’d share my very first recovery-themed poem. I wrote this in May of 2000, while I was in treatment. I was approximately one week sober. What Will People Think? Waiting for… Read More